All wrapped up

…or: How to make your gifts Pinterest-worthy

You could wrap your Christmas presents in giftwrap from the supermarket. You could even, as my boyfriend once did to me, wrap your presents in a JLS poster. I have no idea why he did it, I’m a Tom Waits kinda gal. OR you could make the sort of creations that’ll make recipients swoon and instantly Instagram your handiwork. And the best thing is – it’s super cheap. There’s nothing, it seems, that the photo-sharing cognoscenti love more than a bit of brown paper, some hipster twine and of course a few clever little embellishments…


Ribbon, lace, paper doilies, springs of pine, baubles, feathers and white paint will have your brown paper packages looking super glamorous before you know it. But if you want something a bit more colourful, Tiffany blue, polka dots and candy stripes are the way to go, and as for bows, the bigger the better!


All these images and their accompanying tutorials can be found on my “Under the Tree” Pinterest board.

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