A little party never hurt nobody…

So I have a party to plan. I LOVE planning parties – everything from the decor to the nibbles to (most importantly) the cocktails. I’ll even be nipping out to the garden centre to get some fresh plants to the plug the gaps that the scorching weather has left in my garden. I can’t wait.

The thing I do most obsessively when I’m party planning is make Pinterest boards. I’m terrible in that everything tends to get thrown into one “party” board together – but then again, I think that leads to some interesting mixes of ideas. But I also have boards of DIY ideas, Christmas decorations and stylists I love. – particularly Grace Coddington, who I think I’ll be taking as inspiration for this weekend’s shindig.



Drinks-wise, I think this recipe for Campari mojitos looks delicious – let’s just hope the sun shines! Although I guess even if it’s raining, they’ll bring the summer inside.

Colour-wise, I’m thinking really rich jewel tones like these:


What are your favourite party planning tips? Let me know in the comments below – and feel free to share your Pinterest boards!


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