Fresh craft ideas for 2015

making montage

Stuck for ways to freshen up your crafting in 2015? I’m making a New Year’s resolution to try making something different every month, largely inspired by my Pinterest board “Things I Must Make”. Some of that will be jewellery, but as I already have my own jewellery line I also want to have some fun trying out other things. Last year I had a lot of fun playing about with papercraft, and I definitely want to keep that up, but I also want to get my sewing machine back into regular use. What’s going to be the first thing you craft in 2015? Post your inspirations in the comments section below…

All wrapped up

…or: How to make your gifts Pinterest-worthy

You could wrap your Christmas presents in giftwrap from the supermarket. You could even, as my boyfriend once did to me, wrap your presents in a JLS poster. I have no idea why he did it, I’m a Tom Waits kinda gal. OR you could make the sort of creations that’ll make recipients swoon and instantly Instagram your handiwork. And the best thing is – it’s super cheap. There’s nothing, it seems, that the photo-sharing cognoscenti love more than a bit of brown paper, some hipster twine and of course a few clever little embellishments…


Ribbon, lace, paper doilies, springs of pine, baubles, feathers and white paint will have your brown paper packages looking super glamorous before you know it. But if you want something a bit more colourful, Tiffany blue, polka dots and candy stripes are the way to go, and as for bows, the bigger the better!


All these images and their accompanying tutorials can be found on my “Under the Tree” Pinterest board.

Champagne jelly shots

champagne jelly

Aren’t these precious? And from the looks of it, they’re the easiest thing in the world to make, too! Jelly sachet, boiling water, chilled champagne, sparkly decorative sugar and voila! I’ve got parties on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, so I think I’ll be making them for both! Perhaps I could team them with jelly made using some of my homemade plum rum, too!

The 20 best DIY Christmas baubles

Will you be spending this weekend finishing off your homemade Christmas decorations? I definitely will. Here for inspiration are the 20 best DIY bauble how-tos:

The 20 best DIY baubles by Afternoon Tease -

The easiest way to personalise your baubles is by buying clear balls and filling them with festive finds – clockwise from left:

1. DIY sequin baubles by The Littlest Blog

2. “Snow” filled baubles by Downtime. Upcycle.

3. DIY holly baubles by The Ornament Girl 

4. Glitter tinsel baubles by An Oregon Cottage

 The 20 best DIY baubles by Afternoon Tease -

There’s almost no end to the stuff you can stick to a polystyrene ball to create fabulous baubles…

5. Button bauble by Live Love DIY

6. Fabric wrapped bauble by Life Unstyled

7. Decoupage bauble by A Diamond in the Stuff

8. Animal baubles by Voyages of the Creative Variety

The 20 best DIY baubles by Afternoon Tease -

If you’ve no glass baubles or polystyrene balls, you could make some just from paper

9. Concertina bauble by Homemade Gifts Made Easy

10. Woven paper bauble by Next to Nic x

11. Simple paper bauble by Francesca Iannaccone

12. Paper strip bauble by Stephanie Lynn

The 20 best DIY baubles by Afternoon Tease -

Paint, glass dye and even just a plain ol’ Sharpie are your friends

13. Ombre baubles by Ambrosia Girl

14. Sharpie garland bauble by Aesthetic Outburst

15. Paint splatter ornaments by Love From Ginger

16. Painted baubles by Design is Yay!

The 20 best DIY baubles by Afternoon Tease -

Lace, wool and string can all be used to create gorgeous decorations

17. Lace baubles by Paper Blog

18. Wrapped baubles by High Walls

19. String and glitter bauble by Ideas Para Decoracion

20. Crochet baubles by Greedy for Colour

A stitch in time…

…probably doesn’t save that much money, but your friends will definitely be impressed by your home made decorations. Here are some of mine, some from the Cath Kidston book, and some that I thought up myself:







Weekend craftiness

I’ve been super crafty this weekend making paper and felt Christmas decorations. I’ve got quite a few pics still to take, but for now here’s my version of the paper baubles I featured on Pinterest:




I’m dreaming of a crafty Christmas

Five weeks! There’s just five weeks until Christmas! It’s been so warm here in the traditionally rainy North that my brain just doesn’t seem to be able to compute that it’s time to start shopping. We’ve been getting into the festive spirit at home by cracking open the mulled wine and eating mince pies for breakfast. And, of course, it’s time to start making some Christmas decorations! For inspiration, I’ve been updating my Pinterest Christmas Crafts board. Here are some of my favourite ideas:





I particularly love the snowflake – I’ve been trying my hand at quilling for the first time and I think it’s been quite successful! I’ll post some photos soon x

Wild flower posies

Well, I’ve just about recovered from the party – the Campari mojitos were a bit bitter for my taste, but we also made a huge batch of Aperol spritz – delicious! I had a lovely time beforehand making garden and wildflower posies, using hydrangeas and lavender as well as roses and spiky foliage, plus a few gorgeous “weeds” I found near where I keep my horse: